G Flower Stand  is a Malaysia company that focuses on stand flower delivery. established by G Flower Wholesale (gflowerwholesale.com), Malaysia’s top flower wholesaler in terms of price and quality.

Our aim is to provide the most unique and fresh flower stand to all at wholesale prices. Located at Victoria Wholesale Center, you can be sure to find the most premium stands at the most affordable prices!


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Crafted Specially

We understand how important the occasion is for you, that is why every flower stand is crafted specially and carefully, with only the highest quality and freshest flowers used.


Free Same Day Urgent Delivery

You may not know in advance when you will need a flower stand, hence we provide FREE same day urgent delivery, delivered right to your doorstep so that you can have a peace of mind.


You are our Priority

Whether you are ordering a flower stand as an individual or a company, you are our priority. That means we strive to provide the best service via our website, hotline and email. We want to make this experience a fuss-free one for you.